He made her happier than she had been in far too long due his beaming spirit that she recognized from that very unexplainable night. She had no reason to refuse or to slow the course of their relations because she, too, felt what he did. And as he pressed his drunken lips to hers, every inch of her being sunk into his for a little under a half hour. “Why must all good things come to an end?”, she asked herself then and constantly afterward. That feel good feeling had drifted far out of reach and her mind was right along beside it. She never thought twice of that night where she hadn’t even realized how happy such a human could make her…until a reoccurrence of similar events. This time, she noticed what she hadn’t before - the joy that she felt while simply having her fingers crossed within his, grasping for something that would last longer than one night could provide. She doubted herself and the hope that she had for this drunken soul, so she paced herself, respected herself, and hoped that it would be enough. Sadly and surely, it wasn’t. She did not let herself succumb to temptation as she had before, and for that she was rewarded with a slight and unnecessary sting. As he foolishly left her for someone who could grant him with more than she was willing to offer, she resonated with the thought that maybe this was something to hold onto, yet she accidentally allowed it to slip by. The truth was that it was not her, but he who lost reach of something worthy, something so much greater than what he has had in the past. And you would think that he would recognize such a lady being that he had been in a similar position to hers, but no. He is hiding his spirit, for no other reason than temporary pleasure, but she sees his full potential. She sees through this amateur facade that he creates, and she is disappointed. She had learned from many tribulations that she has hardly ever been at fault. Not to say it arrogantly, but she has done no wrong. She gives without being asked, she loves when she should not, and she is understanding when they are ungrateful, and all she gets in return are ‘men’ who do not understand HER full potential, and settle for a temporary fulfillment. She, on the other hand, is worth the long haul, so she waits. She continues to love and to care, ever so effortlessly, and she waits.


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