it’s time for that summer

This summer marks the beginning of the end. In less than two months we will begin the summer of two-thousand fourteen - the last summer that we will be able to look forward to another year in high school. Our last year in a place where we’ve created more than just memories, but bonds that will hopefully last longer than 4 years allow. As many times as we have all said that the upcoming summer season would be the best yet, we have to make it mean something this time. We won’t have this chance again, we won’t be allowed a do-over or a second shot at two months where just about anything can happen if you make it happen. Sure, summer is a break, but is it really worth wasting on things that don’t matter much now, or ever will? As guilty as I am of doing absolutely nothing seventy-five percent of the summer, I wish I had done more with it. I can’t take it back, and I don’t regret all of the times that I slept in until twelve o’clock, but I do take it as a wake up call, no pun intended. I need to make the most of the time that I have with some of the best people I’ve met so far in my life. Who knows that in a year from now we may never see or hear from half of the people we see everyday, even if we haven’t spoken in countless weeks or months. It’s time to cherish time and appreciate everyone. Regret is one of the worst feelings, and as cliche as it sounds, we don’t have room for regret. If you have any, it’s time to turn your life around. Burn the bridges, mend the friendships, forget the past because it’s the past - it won’t make your future any brighter by leaving things left unsaid or undone. One day you might look back on life and wish you had done more with it. Wouldn’t you want to look back and remember all of the things you did, versus all of the things you wish you had done, but didn’t? Make your life meaningful, make the two months that you have, full of opportunity, memorable. Change your life, change someone else’s, do what you feel you have a purpose and great reason to do. Do all of the things that you began high school thinking you would have done by now, do all of the things that scare you and take those risks. Like previously stated, this may be your last chance, not only at creating a summer for the books, but at possibly changing your future and making it one that you’re glad you did.

-Victoria Jones


Hope is something that is easy to hold on to. We keep it close because it’s comforting, but it’s is not what we need; we need faith. Faith is so different, it’s much more difficult to have because at times we feel as though it knocks us on our knees, but the good thing about having faith is that once you get past the hurt, the outcome is so genuine, and much more rewarding than hope would have ever been. 

-Victoria Jones

Who am I?

I look at myself in the mirror, I see myself in pictures, and I see the girl that no one else does. I’m not what they think, I’m not happy. I’m not the positive and over-joyed spirit that even I thought that I was. She’s disappeared and I’m left here clueless as to where she’s gone to. I’m lost and abandoned in a world of God knows what, and I call it ‘God knows what’ because he’s the only one that sees the truth behind my unintentional lies. I can’t even see myself these days. I pray, I pray everyday, for clarity. Clarity and the ability to find myself again. I’ve fooled myself, for quite some time and that saddens me. I want to be that boost of faith, that sight of hope if anyone needs it. But apparently, I’ve given too much to others and left none for myself. It looks like I’m the one who needed faith after all.

-Victoria Jones

You can’t take the heart from it’s home

I won’t surrender,
Despite my dyer need
To find clarity
In this whirlwind of
God knows what

I won’t give up
Because, to me, it’s
Worth the pain,
The anger, the constant
Confusion of joy
and sadness

At times, yes,
I second guess myself;
but it never feels right
To give up, and walk
Away from something
That gives me
Pleasure from pain

As weird as it
Sounds, I never get
Tired of fighting.
It gets hard, but it’s
Always worth it
To know that my
Faith will get me

I’m not sure where
That is, just yet
But one day I will,
I always circle back
To the battle field,
I always feel at
Home when I do,
Because that is
Where my heart is

-Victoria Jones

Challenge Day 2014 - SJA Double Play